SLAV SIMANIC - Water Of Life
There are two important things to know about this predominantly instrumental album:

1) It reflects a notably Christian/ Biblical background;
2) Slav Simanic is a fine composer and an outstanding guitarist.

As a player, he sounds a fair bit like Joe Satriani with some Euro influences (e.g., Michael Schenker or Gary Moore) mixed in. Yes, he's that good. He's even mature enough not to flaunt his tremendous technique at the expense of his songs, melodically grounded tunes that run a range of moods from Satriani-style floating atmosphere and hard-charging rock to Tony MacAlpine-ish neoclassical shred and Stanley Jordan-ish jazzy delicacy.
"Water Of Life" is undeniably a very strong record, great for fans of Satriani or instrumental guitar rock in general.

(Eric G. Aaron)