Slav Simanic - Water Of Life
Latter Rain Records
Rating: 8,0

... Slav surely shows good guitar technique on his debut release... Comparison could be made with the "Shrapnel's" guitar virtuosos from the 80's: Joey Tafolla, Tony McAlpine and Vinnie Moore...Some melodic rock themes, sound in the style of McAlpine's legendary guitar work on "Edge Of Insanity", with shredding classical sounding solos, in which Simanic shows his technique, with emphasis on two hand tapping technique... "Days Of Ease", is an exceptional hard rock ballad, featuring ex-Talas singer Phil Naro, with exceptional, neoclassical, lead guitar solo...The other highlights on the album are "The Holy City" and "Resurrection Suite" with great keyboards/guitar duel...

(Mario Del Nunzio)