Slav Simanic/Water Of Life/CAN

Before any of us had ever heard the music of Yngwie Malmsteen or Joe Satriani we stumbled over their unfamiliarity and awkward names and were tempted to dismiss them as wanna-bes. Once we actually HEARD their music we learned to pronounce and spell their names accurately out of respect for their skill, and delighted in turning our friends on to our air guitar mentors.

He may SOUND like a wrestler from the former Soviet Union, but he's a virtuoso guitarist whose CD is a mix of instrumental and vocal songs that create a worshipful space that rock and rollers will appreciate. If you like Lanny Cordola, Jeff Scheetz, George Collichio or any of the rock hymn projects, you'll be glad you found this.
12 songs TT: 54:36 6-page insert w/lyrics