SLAV SIMANIC - Water of Life
If you are a fan of instrumental rock guitar in the style of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and the like, you really ought to check out this record. Don't think because you've never heard of this guy or because it's an independent release that it's substandard. Trust me, all the elements are in place to show that Simanic is certainly worthy of being mentioned alongside any of the stars of the instrument.

Simanic's chops are well honed, obviously the result of years of dedication to the instrument. He is fast, aggressive and precise in true shredder fashion while at the same time able to display a keen sense of melody and dynamics. It is this creative element that lifts the record from being a series of riffs and musical gymnastics to a truly inspired and cohesive collection.

Each track on the album stands on its own as a well-crafted piece separate from the rest. When seen in the context of the complete work, however, the experience is that much more enjoyable. Simply put, this album works on a variety of different levels at once. The richness of the arrangements and excellence of the performance together create a lush soundscape where anything is possible.

(Dave Murphy)