SLAV SIMANIC - "Water Of Life"; Latter Rain Records
Do you have a craving for some rockin' guitar based (mainly) instrumental music? If you answer yes to this question you should consider checking out Slav Simanic's "Water Of Life" album. I hate to generalize, but for most people to understand what is contained within "Water Of Life" you need to also refer them to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, or Steve Morse. Yes, to a lot of people this style of music all sounds the same, but a lot of metalheads and guitarists constantly crave to hear the next big guitar hero. And Slav Simanic might just turn out to be that.

"Water Of Life" is chalked full of guitar music with riffs and solos to compete with the best of 'em. The title track, "Born Again", and "The Holy City" show Simanic at full tilt, while "Hero" demonstrates a more elegant and melodic side of this Toronto-based composer and guitarist. The highlight of the album is arguably the epic "Resurrection Suite" which conveys several moods over a seven-minute time span...

(Dan Kieswetter)

Recommended Tracks: Water Of Life, Passover, Resurrection Suite