SLAV SIMANIC - Water Of Life
Many people are quick to dismiss guitar virtuosos as too technical. Slav Simanic should not be dispersed so easily. An instructor at The New Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Simanic also owns and operates Bride Music Studio. Water Of Life is Slav's debut, self-produced CD. He has obviously followed the career of Joe Satriani quite closely. Simanic makes the six strings sing with heartfelt emotion. Avoiding the ripping and shreding patented by Malmsteen and Vai Slav takes a soulful approach conveying warmth and feeling.

Song after song of beautiful instrumental harmony performed by a true master of the instrument. One track, "Days Of Ease" features Phil Naro (ex-Talas and Peter Criss) on vocals, Simanic openly displays his faith on songs like "Passover", "The Lamb Of God" and "The Holy City".

Water Of Life is as elegant as the sunrise of each new day; not always seen but greatly appreciated when noticed.

(Aaron Small)